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Frequently Asked Questions

DM-15V Vacuum Gauge

What is the application of the DM-15V Vacuum Gauge?

Can the DM-15V vacuum gauge be used on other diesel engines besides the main engine?

How accurate is the DM-15V?

Why is the DM-15V more durable than other gauges?

How is the Dent Marine gauge different from the Racor gauge?

Does the thread match the common Racor gauge?

Is the red needle a “following needle” to record the highest vacuum?

What is the little knob on the face for? How do I reset the drag needle?

Is the gauge oil filled? Can it leak?

What about fuel pulsations?

Can you explain how a vacuum gauge works and the effect of fuel tank quantity upon its indication?

Is there a PDF copy of these FAQs that I can print and take with me?


How do I order?